Mann Plans LA Noir With DiCaprio

Michael and Leo pitch untitled script

Mann Plans LA Noir With DiCaprio

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In a move that shows you're never big enough to be sure that you can get a script made in Hollywood, Michael Mann is shopping his latest project around the big studios in the hope that one of them will fork out its $120 million price tag. But even with Leonardo Di Caprio attached to star, a script that's generally acknowledged to be excellent and a labour dispute looming that means that studios need good projects lined up, it's hasn't got a buyer at the time of writing.

The story is set in 1930s LA, on the old MGM lot. DiCaprio would play a private detective, of the kind that used to cover up scandals involving stars and contract players in the old studio system. His character is called in to investigate a starlet who is suspected of murdering her husband, before, we're guessing, things go seriously noir all around.

The script was written by John Logan (Gladiator,** The Last Samurai**, Spielberg's forthcoming-we-hope Lincoln) in consultation with Mann. All three - DiCaprio, Mann and Logan - previously worked together on The Aviator, which Mann produced.

So will they get their chance at a reunion? Well, hopefully. The $120 million cost of the film seems to be worrying the studios, for a film with an **LA Confidential **feel rather than blockbuster potential and given that Mann's last film was the underperforming and reportedly very expensive Miami Vice, but New Line already offered $100 million to make it so it may just be a matter of negotiation from here on in. And after **Blood Diamond **and The Departed, Leonardo DiCaprio is so hot right now (yes, ladies, even hotter than usual) so there's reason to hope that we will see this eventually.

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