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Dirty Dancing sequel gets its male lead

by empire |
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Now, there's many of you out there who will insist that the wonder that is Dirty Dancing could never be bettered. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warner belting out the naffest of theme songs, minxy merengues galore and the cheesiest of dialogue – "you've got to feel the music" – became magically intertwined and lo, an 80s classic was created. But no, the haloed territory of Baby and Jonny is to be well and truly revisited in what is being billed as a 'second instalment' of what looks suspiciously like a franchise in the making. Apparently only 'inspired' by the gyrations of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in the Catskills summer camp, the rehash will be entitled Havana Nights and, unsurprisingly enough, will be set in Cuba in the year 1959. Following that well-worn story of some hormonal girlie discovering herself through dance and, more importantly, through the arms of some bemuscled man, the plot sees a 17-year-old girl falling for a young Cuban dancer while of course learning those all important lessons about life. And who, we hear you clamour, is to replace Mr Swayze as the hip-swivelling cradle snatcher? One Diego Luna, who more than showed his intergenerational sexual credentials by humping an older woman in last year's Mexican smash, Y Tu Mama Tambien. Girlie pyjama parties, your next must-see awaits.

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