Malick Finds Tree Of Life

And show Ledger and Penn

Malick Finds Tree Of Life

by Helen O'Hara |
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It's only been two years since his last film, but Terence Malick's gearing up for another film, and it's a script he's apparently been working on since 1978. Tree Of Life is finally set to go into production, with Heath Ledger and Sean Penn in talks to join the cast. Malick too is still in talks to direct, but since he wrote the script we're saying he's pretty likely to go ahead and sign on.

No one knows anything much about the plot yet (well, except Malick and his producers, we're guessing) but the film was at one point scheduled to start shooting in India with Colin Farrell starring, so that could still be a location - although Farrell is no longer attached. What was presumably his part will now go to Ledger, who's set to take a lead role opposite an as-yet uncast actress, with Penn in a smaller, supporting role (he already worked with Malick on The Thin Red Line, lest we forget).

Filming's due to start in March - which means that Malick will be under some pressure to finish on time, should the actors' strike at the end of June materialise. And as for what it's about? We have no idea, but we recommend watching The Fountain to swot up on your Tree of Life mythology (or a bit thereof) in the meantime.

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