Maika Monroe Starring In It Follows Sequel They Follow


by James White |
Published on

Back in 2014, cult horror film It Follows properly launched (along with The Guest) Maika Monroe onto the public consciousness and confirmed writer/director David Robert Mitchell as a filmmaker to watch. Yet it was by no means guaranteed that the film, made for around $1 million, which earned more than $21 million worldwide, would spawn a sequel. Flash-forward to today (fitting, given that it's Halloween season) and there is news that Monroe and Mitchell are back for a follow-up (a Follows-up?) called They Follow.

The original had a catchy (literally) premise – After sleeping with a handsome stranger, Jay (Monroe) quickly learns that she has inherited a most unusual curse: Wherever she goes, lumbering, half-naked phantoms follow, and their singular goal is to see her dead.

Desperate, Jay turns to her younger sister and loyal circle of friends for help. In time, however, Jay learns that her only hope for escaping death is to sleep with someone else and pass on the curse. But the pursuing phantoms are invisible to Jay's friends and it soon becomes apparent that her time is running out. Now, with death closing in, the terrified young woman will be forced to make a difficult decision if she hopes to survive her terrifying ordeal…

Production company Neon is selling distribution rights to the movie at this year's American Film Market, with Mitchell aiming to kick off shooting next year.

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