Madonna Pulls Out Of 50 Violins

by Willow Green |
Published on

Madonna has quit the Wes Craven-directed project, 50 Violins, after a major falling-out with the horrormeister. The movie, something of a departure for Craven, is based on the life of Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras, a single mother who started teaching the violin in East Harlem schools to support her family. When the Board of Education slashed the budget and laid her off, Roberta started her own charitable organization. "Creative differences" were the cause of Madonna's departure. She was said to have been unhappy with how little the movie had in common with the teacher's real life; Craven was said to have found her too overbearing. Shooting was to have started next month; this is now extremely unlikely. Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan are both now rumoured to be interested in taking up the role.

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