Mad New Piranha 3D Trailer Swims In

The fish are biting!

Mad New Piranha 3D Trailer Swims In

by James White |
Published on

“How fast can you swim?” asks the new full trailer for aquatic horror romp Piranha 3D. Well, quite fast, thanks – but probably not quick enough to escape a swarm of hungry, pre-historic fanged fishunleashed at Yahoo.

Yes, the fishy (in various aspects) terror is on full display thanks to a plot that sees a tremor opening up an ancient fissure that lets the creatures – long thought extinct – spill out into a local lake.

With a massive group of drunken students enjoying Spring Break, it’s up to the authorities, including the sheriff (Elizabeth Shue) to pull a Brody and try to get everyone to stay out of the water. Easier said than done, at least until people start dying.

Since this is still a “green-band” trailer, it’s disappointingly bloodless, but does feature lots of screaming and Christopher Lloyd doing his best mad professor schtick.

Alexandre Aja’s film doesn’t have a UK release date yet, but the US will see it in August, so expect it soon after. It all looks like a massive cheese-fest, but hopefully it'll turn out to be a self-aware chunk of late summer fun.

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