Mad Max: Fury Road – the black-and-white version is on its way!

mad max fury road black and white

by Emma Thrower |
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“Oh, what a day. What a lovely day!” George Miller’s post-apocalyptic Oscar winner may have been released back in May last year, but there’s nothing we at Empire enjoy more than a bit of Fury Road news.

The Australian director has previously spoken of his love for a black-and-white cut of the film he put together whilst shaping the version that graced the big screen all those months ago, but it was hard to say whether we would ever, err, witness it.

The beady-eyed Blu-ray collectors amongst you may have noticed that a pre-order link for the 6-disc ‘High Octane Collection’ is now available on Amazon Germany, including all four Mad Max films and a ‘Black and Chrome’ version. No prizes for guessing what that is, then…

According to Amazon, the ‘surreal black-and-white version of Fury Road’ (which apparently has the same 120 minute running time as its theatrical counterpart) will appear alongside some previously unreleased documentaries and four hours of ‘new bonus material’.

The Green Place might not look quite so green – and there’s no UK or US release date for the box set just yet – but consider this confirmation of a new chance to live, die, and live again in surreal fashion on the Fury Road. If you don’t mind, we’re off to spray paint our faces all shiny and chrome.

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