I’m So Excited!

Salma just can't hide it

by Willow Green |
Published on

Less than 24 hours after she'd been nominated for her first Oscar, Salma Hayek turned up in London to promote her nominated performance in Frida and the thrill of yesterday's news was still apparent. 'I'm very, very, very excited,' she told Empire Online. 'I'm very excited that we have six!' And she's equally happy for all her other mates in the business. 'I'm very excited that so many other friends of mine are also nominated - as well as Renee Zellweger for Best Actress. Alfonso Cuaron - he's a very close friend. Felipe Fernandez del Paso, the production designer in the movie. And ultimately Pedro Almodovar These are very old friends. I've known Alfonso 20 years, Phillipo 20 years. Actually Felipe was on the set of my novella, Teresa when I was a soap star. He would come and visit and now we go to the Oscars together.' Despite being showered with critical acclaim for her performance, Salma was still unsure as to whether she'd make the shortlist. 'I was very scared the night before the nominations,' she told us. 'There was so much anticipation in Mexico - so with the first nomination, my feeling was one of relief. Oh my god, at least we've got one. And then, the other ones came, it was very nice.'

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