Lucas To Make Star Wars: Galactic Heroes

Story suitable for ages 2-6

Lucas To Make Star Wars: Galactic Heroes

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

George Lucas' live-action Star Wars TV series remains some way off - 2011 looks like a likely airing date - but there's exciting news, at least for the recently-finished-teething Star Wars fraternity, with LucasFilm announcing plans for an animated series.

Taking the cutesy-cutesy Hasbro toys as inspiration, the target audience will be the pre-school demographic. At least we assume it will be - IESBreports that the show is going under the working title 'Squishies'. Even the Muppet Babies would have baulked at that.

Whether you deem this an unforgiveable act of legacy-pillaging or a handy intro into the Star Wars universe for wee'uns, the show has a (so-far unannounced) director on board and is heading for a teatime near you.

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