Louis Letterier Talks Marvel Futures

Few facts, much brainstorming

Louis Letterier Talks Marvel Futures

by Owen Williams |
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There's not much actual "news" content, but a few interesting titbits in this interview with director Louis Leterrier in the LA Times' geektastic Hero Complex blog, where he talks Hulk, Captain America, Thor and** Avengers**.

Most tantalising is the part where he reveals that what he's seen of Joe Johnston's work on Captain America so far is "Raiders of the Lost Ark with more gadgets... Raiders meets Rocketeer and Saving Private Ryan". So we look forward to seeing Bucky wandering around the beach at Normandy carrying his severed arm, looking for treasure whilst ogling Jennifer Connelly.

Then there's his dream for an Avengers Summer, where four interconnected films are released on a monthly schedule: "One story arc but told in instalments. So all of the directors that touch part of the Avengers world would do a part."

And finally, intriguingly, the gallic director seems very equivocal about his 2007 Incredible Hulk. He avoids coming right out and saying he was happy with it, and is pretty clear that, while he's contracted to do one more film for Marvel, he hopes it won't be anything to do with Bruce Banner...

Letterier is currently working on Clash of the Titans, which is due for a March 2010 release. After that "I will go back [to Marvel] and say to them, 'Guys, you need me? Is there something I can do?'"

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