Lost Star To Play Deathgames

Joins Samuel L. Jackson & Kellan Lutz

Lost Star To Play Deathgames

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Better known as Jin Kwon on Lost, Daniel Dae Kim has lined up a new role for after the series finishes, with the news that he's joining Deathgames alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Twilight's Kellan Lutz. And as the name suggests, there will be fights to the death involved for our viewing entertainment, which should be good news for those frustrated by Lost's endless twists and turns and/or Twilight's sparkly bloodsuckers.

Lutz plays a young man kidnapped on the orders of an evil, sadistic mastermind (that'd be Jackson) and thrown into an underground world of gladiatorial combat for the entertainment of online viewers. Kim will play another of the imprisoned gladiators, a master of kendo who's fighting for his own life and that of his wife.

Shooting is due to start next month in Louisiana, with newcomer Jonah Loop directing. Meanwhile, Kim still has some finishing up to do on Lost, and has also filmed a small role in Philip K. Dick adaptation** The Adjustment Bureau**.

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