The Lone Ranger Returns?

Pirates of the Caribbean team scripting

The Lone Ranger Returns?

by Olly Richards |
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Entertainment Weekly has put its ear to the ground and learned that Jerry Bruckheimer and his Pirates of the Carribean writing team of Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio are working on a revamp of The Lone Ranger.

For those of you yet to experience your first grey hair, The Lone Ranger was originally a 1930s radio show, which gained popularity when it moved to TV in the '50s, about a masked man who righted injustice in Texas with the help of his racial stereotype Tonto and an albino horse called Silver. There was an attempt to bring him to the big screen in 1981, but it flopped. Also, bizarrely, a TV show was planned with Chad Michael Murray as the man behind the mask. Fortunately, that never made it to series.

Disney won't confirm that the project is being worked on, but it wouldn't be surprising at all. Bruckheimer seems to be on the hunt for a big boy's-own adventure series to fill the Pirates gap. He's already working on a version of computer game Prince of Persia, and this has a similar daft, big canvas romp quality to it. The essence of the story is slight, but there's plenty of scope for something halfway between Pirates and Zorro.

So, the question is who should be saddling up Silver? We could see Josh Duhamel. Or maybe Nathan Fillion, but we think he should play everyone.

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