Loki And Scarlet Witch TV Series Planned

Loki, Scarlet Witch

by James White |
Published on

Good news for anyone worried that Infinity War – spoiler alert for the three people and Clarence the movie-shy badger who hasn't seen the movie yet – might mean the true end of Loki, or who thought Scarlet Witch didn't have enough to do. According to Variety, Disney's looking to bolster its streaming service with limited series featuring characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Unlike the Netflix shows, which go for street-level action with affordable names and eschew performers from the movies showing up, the aim for these new series would be to have the likes of Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen starring, with Marvel Studios retaining creative control and not handing them off to the TV department, with movie boss Kevin Feige having more say. And the budgets are expected to be hefty, looking to replicate the look of the films rather than the grittiness of Daredevil and co.

We should caution that at this point, there has been no official announcement or confirmation from Disney about the plans, and the Mouse House is unlikely to say anything until all elements are in place. But the trade mag has heard that the series would effectively be miniseries of around six to eight hours, running exclusively on the new Disney service. So while this is still floating in the realm of vaporware and could turn to dust before ever becoming reality, it's certainly an exciting concept. Who would you want to see get their own series? Hit us up on Twitter, but we'll start: Korg! Get that leaflet campaign started now.

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