Logan: See the first image of Hugh Jackman’s aging hero

Hugh Jackman in Logan

by James White |
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UPDATE: We're finally being treated to a look at how Hugh Jackman will look as the aging Logan in the movie, courtesy once again of James Mangold's camera skills. It's a dark, scary thought to see the man who is Wolverine actually suffering the ravages of age. Oh, and thanks to Jackman's Twitter feed, we know the first trailer is almost upon us. Skip to the bottom of the page for that.

If the current flood of black & white photographs for James Mangold's new Wolverine movie Logan keeps up, we might actually be able to construct the entire movie from still shots as a sort of flip book. The latest image from the film (posted to its official Instagram page) confirms that the assassins known as the Reavers (no, not Yondu's Guardians crew) will be part of the story.

Logan Reavers image

Of course, what the image can't truly tell us is whether Mangold's movie channels their comic book form and will present the baddies as cyborgs – this could, after all, just be a tough guy with a gun. But we do know at least that Donald Pierce – played in the film by Boyd Holbrook – will be involved.

With Hugh Jackman back as the be-clawed mutant in a story set years in the future, we're promised a story of him dealing with brand new problems and meeting old friends, including Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier.

Logan will be out in the UK on 3 March next year. If you'll excuse us, we're going to dry up the office printer ink supply and get started on that flip book...

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