Lobo has a new writer in Wonder Woman’s Jason Fuchs


by James White |
Published on

While the company is currently all about its Justice League gang, and in particular Batman battling Superman, Warner Bros. hasn't forgotten about troublemaker Lobo. Now Pan/Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs is aboard to work on a fresh script.

The greasy, long-haired and – oh, yes – interstellar type first appeared in the pages of Omega Man issue 3 way back in 1983, birthed by creators Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen as a riff on the likes of Wolverine. The blue-skinned, KISS-styled goon cropped up from time to time as a tough nut villain, though he was rarely well used. But he saw a real revival in the 1990s, when he was dragged out of footnote limbo, dusted off and re-imagined as a bounty-hunter, his morality dial cranked around to point more towards "anti-hero". You have to figure that a little movie called Deadpool, about a sweary, violent, anti-heroic troublemaker might have something to do with the fresh interest.

Warner Bros. and DC have been trying to crack this nut for a while now, with Guy Ritchie, Brad Peyton, writer Don Payne and, for a brief, rumour-spewing moment hinted at by the man himself, Dwayne Johnson, all linked with bringing the guy to the screen. Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman are still on board to produce, but it remains to be seen whether Fuchs can crank out a script that actually pushes this one into production.

His first work on a Warner Bros./DC movie, Wonder Woman, will be out here on June 23 next year. And the DCU is set to expand next week when Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice finally arrives.

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