Lindsey Beer Writing And Directing Sleepy Hollow Reboot

Lindsey Beer

by James White |
Published on

Lindsey Beer's career continues to grow, and she's now setting up her next writing/directing job. Paramount, for which she just made the Pet Sematary prequel, has her working on a new take on Sleepy Hollow aimed at cinemas.

The tale about the headless horseman who terrorizes a small town and its newest resident, Ichabod Crane, was originally written by Washington Irving in 1820. It has spawned many adaptations, including the 1949 Disney animated movie and the 2010s Fox TV series, though by far the best known version is Paramount's own 1999 cinematic take, directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp as Crane.

How Beer intends to tackle the story is unknown for now. Along with the Pet Sematary film (which is now in post-production), Beer has worked on a variety of projects, including a new Bambi for Disney and the latest Star Trek movie. She's also overseeing Netflix's adaptation of Mark Millar's The Magic Order.

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