Liman Producing A New Knight Rider

With a shape-shifting car?

Liman Producing A New Knight Rider

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

OK, so it's not strictly film news, but the word that Doug Liman is set to produce a new series of Knight Rider is close enough that we thought you should know.

Based on the classic '80s David Hasselhoff-starring series about a guy with big hair, his talking supercar and their quest to right wrongs and popularise the mullet, this will be a Transformers-style reworking of the idea, with Transformers style effects to boot. Yup, the car will be able to change shape in the continuing fight for justice by one man and his motor - but there may also be "evil" cars involved who K.I.T.T. and Michael Knight must face off against.

The plan is to produce a two-hour telepic pilot for later this year, with a full series potentially following (assuming the pilot goes over well) by next autumn. Dave Andron is writing the script, and Liman may direct if his feature-film schedule allows it. Tentative talks have apparently already begun with car manufacturers for tie-ins (you may remember the General Motors logos all over the Transformers) so it may have the added bonus that you can go out and buy a (presumably non-talking) K.I.T.T. after watching the show. There is, however, no word yet on whether His Hoffness will be involved.

So is this is a good idea? And will it spend the end for Hassel Da Hoff's long-discussed Knight Rider Movie?

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