Like Father Trailer: Kristen Bell And Kelsey Grammer Bond At Sea

Like Father

by James White |
Published on

The idea of coping with the fallout when you're left at the altar is not a new concept for film. But Like Father aims to put a little spin on it as Kristen Bell discovers in the trailer for the comedy drama.

Life Father finds Bell as Rachel, a young, ambitious executive whose seemingly perfect wedding is scuppered when her husband-to-be doesn't show. And to make matters worse, her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer), who abandoned the family when she was five, does show up.

Soon, Rachel is drowning her various sorrows, but awakens on a cruise ship to discover she's accidentally dragged her wayward dad aboard the trip that was going to serve as her honeymoon. Cue the requisite awkwardness that gives way to a little bit of rapprochement and the chance at something new with a nice, laidback guy she meets aboard ship (Seth Rogen).

Written and directed by Lauren Miller, the film also features the likes of Brittany Ross and Zach Appelman and hits Netflix on 3 August.

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