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Kate Winslet returns to her roots

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Kate Winslet was really, really pleased to be at this week's Empire Awards. 'I'm really absolutely thrilled,' she told us (and that was before we gave her an award). 'I do like awards ceremonies, I've always enjoyed them. There's no point going if you're not going to have fun.' As for Empire, well we could hardly stop her singing our praises; 'It's a great magazine, it's funky, it's an important magazine.' Well we love you too, Kate. Back-slapping aside, the actress, who's recently returned from shooting a movie in America, is planning a quiet few months while she plans her future career. 'I'm being a mum,' she told us. 'I've just finished The Life of David Gale with Kevin Spacey and now I'm back home being with Mia and trying to work out what to do next and at the moment I still don't know. I'm reading lots of scripts.' And what was it like working with the esteemed Mr Spacey? 'Fantastic, amazing experience absolutely loved every single minute... It didn't really feel like the Hollywood way to be honest, not that I would have minded if it had done, because it was Alan Parker and half the crew were British, but it's certainly fun to be out there.' As for the movie itself; 'It's sort of a thriller and it was gruelling to make, because the hours are so long and all of those things. I play a contemporary American , a very feisty young woman, and I'm hoping it's going to be an exciting film.'

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