Liam Neeson Is An Unknown White Male

Set for Collet-Serra thriller

Liam Neeson Is An Unknown White Male

by Helen O'Hara |
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We know what you're thinking* and no, this isn't a remake of Single White Female with a bloke. Unknown White Male is a new thriller that will star the mighty Liam Neeson, with Jaume Collet-Serra directing.

Based on the Didier Van Cauwelaert novel Out of My Head, the story sees Neeson playing a doctor who's headed to Berlin for a medical conference. En route, he suffers a car accident and awakes from a coma to learn that someone has stolen his identity and is now living with his wife. Which is, all things considered, something of a downer.

Joel Silver's one of the producers, working with a script by writing team Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell. Shooting's due to start in January, giving Neeson just enough time to work on The A-Team (wherein he plays Hannibal) before this starts. We know that many of you, and at least one Taken fan in the Empire office, will be hoping that the script contains the line, somewhere, "Neeson opens a huge can of whoop-ass", but for the moment we'll have to wait and see.

*We really do know, and you should be ashamed!

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