Liam Neeson Might Be An Ordinary Man

For director Brad Silberling

Liam Neeson Might Be An Ordinary Man

by James White |
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Liam Neeson is a busy man. We know this because A) his name is cropping up as rumoured for or attached to loads of movies at the moment and B) Variety decided to do an article all about his To Do list being crammed. In amongst the projects we’d already heard about, there was one notable new addition, a dark indie drama called An Ordinary Man that Neeson is hoping to find time to do with director Brad Silberling.

Silberling, of course, is looking to bounce back after the critical and box office mauling handed to** Land Of The Lost** (unfairly, in the minds of some at Empire) and appears to be trying to put together something small and under the radar.

An Ordinary Man would be something different for Neeson, as he’s not often seen playing truly dark characters. In this case, he’d be a fugitive war criminal based loosely on Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, who is in hiding and protected by his supporters lest he be arrested to answer for his actions.

There’s no word on whether it’ll actually happen yet – and Neeson has to find room for it anyway between Joe Carnahan’s wolf thriller The Grey, Ji-Woon Kim’s drug-smuggling road racers small-town sheriff pic Last Stand and another small art house project about some Titans clashing that Warner Bros. is looking to make at some point next year, which **Battle: Los Angeles **director Jonathan Liebsman is busy gearing up.

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