Liam Hemsworth Offered The Lead In The Independence Day Sequel

He may fight the aliens in ID Forever

Liam Hemsworth Offered The Lead In The Independence Day Sequel

by James White |
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In a day filled with controversial and rumoured casting choices, this one probably won’t fire up the klaxons as much as it might. And for now, it’s still more rumour than reality, but according to The Wrap, Liam Hemsworth has an offer to star in the Independence Day sequel, currently titledID Forever.

The sequel to the 1996 alien invasion film has been bubbling away in the development pods for, well, seemingly forever. There have been various versions proposed, talk of two films shot back-to-back and endless rumours about who might return to star.

With Will Smith out of the picture for now and Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman apparently set to return, director Roland Emmerich is looking for a new star and Hemsworth might just be it. There’s no word on what his character might be, but that’s not even worth considering unless he actually signs on to the thing.

Carter Blanchard has written the most recent draft of the script and the studio set a 24 June 2016 release date late last year, so Emmerich needs to get cracking on the movie if he’s to deliver the requisite landmark-destroying mayhem most people will be showing up for.

Hemsworth has worked on dramas The Dressmaker and By Way Of Helena and will be back as Gale for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, due here on November 20.

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