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Lethal Weapon

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We're filing this one strictly under "Wait And See", but according to Deadline the Lethal Weapon movie team of Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and director Richard Donner are all considering making a fifth outing of the franchise.

Right now, it appears to be at the early talking stage and that there will be lots of tricky deals to be hammered out and schedules to be synced, especially in Gibson's case now he's actually getting work again.

Warner Bros. would naturally love to bring the gang back together and reportedly the aim is to have Lethal Weapon 4's Channing Gibson work on the script for the new movie, the first since the last instalment back in 1998. What exactly would happen is anyone's guess, though we'd expect Riggs and Murtaugh to get into more scrapes thanks to their wildly different approaches to police work. There's no date and no other details on this one, especially since it's still all at an early stage. The Weapon flame, meanwhile, continues to be carried by the TV reboot as the quips wondering whether the original cast are truly too old for this shit start to fly.

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