Let He Who Is Without Sin…

...download the new trailer at once

by Willow Green |
Published on

Of all the comic book adaptations currently ongoing (and there are a lot of them), by far the most ambitious is Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Sin City. The early clips from Comic Con were interesting, which is always a good start, but all has since been rather quiet in Frank Miller's seedy metropolis. Until now, that is, with a brand new trailer. It would be redundant to say that the trailer would make Miller proud since the comic creator is not only the screenwriter but co-director as well, still, the film looks to capture Sin City's unique feel far better than we'd any right to hope. All the main characters make an appearance here too with Mickey Rourke almost unrecognisable as vengeful tough guy Marv, Jessica Alba sexing it up as stripper Nancy, Bruce Willis in steely-eyed form as burnt-out cop Hartigan and Clive Owen as somewhat sleazy photographer Dwight. Not to mention Nick Stahl's turn as the marigold-hued and aptly monikered Yellow Bastard. It's as sumptuous a visual treat as any you could wish for but does this mean it will work on screen? We hope so, we really do. The various interweaving storylines may disengage audiences though and the ersatz setting and affected shooting style may not help matters (see Sky Captain for evidence of how that can go wrong). Still, as Marv says in the trailer. "Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything." Let's hope that includes a good film. Click here to see the trailer and here for some Sin City poster art.

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