Let The Right One In Trailer Online

Swedish vampire gore-fest looks awesome!

Let The Right One In Trailer Online

by Dan Goodswen |
Published on

Let The Right One In is gearing up to be the horror break-out of the year.

This chilling trailer has enough shocks and thrills to delight even the most jaded horror fans and we have it on good authority that the film itself is equally as terrific.

The story follows Oskar, a 12-year old boy who longs for revenge over his tormentors. Enter Eli, a girl Oskar befriends and falls in love with, but there's something different about Eli... and the bodycount is piling up!

This haunting tale is described as equal parts tender coming of age story and quite brutal horror, sort of like Pan's Labyrinth but with more teeth.

To view the trailer for Let The Right One In, click here.

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