Leo Goes To War

DiCaprio to star in mercenary thriller

by Willow Green |
Published on

Amid the endless column inches supporting or condemning all that hoo-hah in Iraq, you'll probably have noticed the stir surrounding the recruitment of mercenaries. Wait! Don't panic, you haven't been redirected to the BBC, this is still a film site but bear with us for a moment. The mercenaries (or PSCs - Private Security Contractors - as they prefer to be called) have been shipped over by the busload to defend civilian operations and many have even been brought in by the US government themselves. Earning more in a year than ten of their former colleagues, these mercs (as Riddick would say) tend to be former SAS or Special Forces and, as such, are hard as great big ex-military men tend to be, with arms that could crush a phone box and more guns than an NRA rally. And why on Earth have we shared all this with you? Well, mainly because Leonardo DiCaprio will be producing and starring in a film about PSCs. Leo's increasing interest in political affairs has prompted his involvement in the project, which will focus on the growing trend of governments to outsource their warmongering to private companies

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