Latest Hansel And Gretel Trailer Arrives

Witch Hunters stay NSFW

Latest Hansel And Gretel Trailer Arrives

by James White |
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Gore blimey! It’s clearly been decided that today will be Red Band trailer day. We’ve already had the new promo for the Evil Dead remake, and on its heels comes another ad for Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters, which premiered over at Collider.

It’s nowhere near as intense as the Dead trailer, and is filled with a lot of both dialogue moments and witch killing that we’ve seen before, but there is some fresh meat here.

In particular, it goes further to convince us that Gemma Arterton’s Gretel is a badass not to be trifled with, and that the big threat in the film is tied to the tragic history of Gretel and her brother Hansel (Jeremy Renner).

The big question for director Tommy Wirkola and writer DW Harper is whether the film can overcome a vaguely worrying feeling of going through the motions (plus the stigma of a January US release, even if that doesn’t carry the stain it once did). Given that Wirkola made Dead Snow, we’re staying positive and hopeful.

Famke Janssen, Peter Stomare, Zoe Bell, Thomas Mann and horror veteran Derek Mears are all in this one, which hits our screens on February 22.

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