Latest Ghostbusters 3 Rumour Roundup

Anna Faris linked to a role

Latest Ghostbusters 3 Rumour Roundup

by James White |
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If the news about the slowly developing third Ghostbusters film was one of those time-lapse experiments, it would be a really boring example with a bunch of people just standing around, occasionally looking at their watches. Because despite the odd casting rumour and some back-and-forth about who’s writing the current draft of the script (is it Dan Aykroyd? Is it not?), whether it’ll really kick off shooting at all (sometime in 2011 seems to be the consensus) and whether Bill Murray really can be convinced to come back (don’t ask us), very little of substance seems to be happening with it. Good for ghosts, perhaps, but not so much for those of us who either want the thing moving or for it to go away forever. Now comes some fresh casting possibilities, with word that Anna Faris might be in line for a role.

Naturally, we caution you to take all of this with a massive heap of salt, but the Feature Film Auditions site casually throws out Faris’ name as one of those playing one of the fresh-faced new ‘Busters recruited by Egon, Ray and the rest to take over the business when they reopen it. Unsurprisingly, given the site’s usual coverage, there’s also a mention that the filmmakers, including director Ivan Reitman, are now holding auditions for various, unspecified roles.

But then there’s What’s Playing, an Australian site that has had a few hits with news pieces recently, which talked to “a source” at Sony that couldn’t shed any light on the Faris situation, but did drop the fact that former Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte’ and current veteran Bill Hader’s names had been mentionedin connection with the movie. Which could mean that they’re being considered for parts, or that someone around the halls of the studio was spitballing the idea of recruiting SNL folk as a throwback to the fact that Aykroyd and Murray were both former performers.

As the movie crawls towards production, the news should start to get a little more concrete – after all, you’ve got to imagine that Sony is itching to get this thing locked into a release date…

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