Latest Ash Vs. Evil Dead Images Arrive

Chainsaws and cars, baby!


by James White |
Published on

Ash is officially back! After a couple of teasers, some proper pictures of Evil Dead TV continuation Ash Vs. Evil Dead have arrived online courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

You can see in the image above that Bruce Campbell’s Deadite-battling hero is back behind the wheel of a car that might seem slightly familiar. In that it’s the car director Sam Raimi has snuck into the entire Evil Dead franchise and most of his other movies through the years. “Sam’s original Delta is back,” Campbell tells EW. “I’m talking the ‘73 Delta 88. The Classic is back! I’ve driven it. I did a William Shatner power-slide in that car. That’s the only spoiler I’m gonna give you: that Ash and that car — we can power-slide. I met William Shatner on the convention circuit, and I talked about T.J. Hooker. He talked to me about how he power-slides those cars in T.J. Hooker. So I took Shatner’s advice, and I used that advice to do a T.J. Hooker combo-platter — with the Classic — power-slide.” For more from the interview, head to EW.

In the series, Campbell’s titular, chin-tastic hero is suspected as the source of a new Deadite invasion. It’s just another weight of this fantastical world loaded onto our man, who has spent 30 years avoiding both the horror of the Evil Dead and any sort of real responsibility. But he’s spurred into action by a fresh plague of Deadite swarms, which threaten all mankind.


With Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago and Jill Marie Jones all aboard the series, Raimi wrote the first episode with his brother Ivan and will direct that initial outing. He’s also producing alongside Campbell and Rob Tapert, while Craig DiGregorio is running the show. Expect to hear more about the madness when Raimi, Campbell and co. hit Comic-Con later this week.

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