Kristen Stewart Up For Wanted 2?

She's been in talks, apparently

Kristen Stewart Up For Wanted 2?

by James White |
Published on

This one couldn’t be more of a rumour if it was placed under a flashing neon billboard that screamed RUMOUR in 30ft high letters, but we thought we’d tell you anyway: Kristen Stewart has apparently landed on the producers’ wish list for Wanted 2.

Back in February, when Angelina Jolie reportedly ditched the sequel over contract issues and for Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi Gravity (she’s since dropped out of that as well), it was widely thought that it meant the follow-up to Timur Bekmambetov’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s assassin-crammed comic would quietly wither on the vine.

But now comes word from E! Online (yes, we know… not exactly the highest authority) that producers have “expressed an interest” in getting K-Stew to fill the attractive lady vacuum as a new killer character.

And it’s hardly surprising that if – emphasis on the if – the Wanted team are still intent on making the new movie, they’d be talking to the sort of publicity-grabbing talent who could theoretically draw a new audience to it.

Plus, it would be good to see Stewart getting to kick a little more ass to combat all the moping we have to put up with thanks to the Twilight franchise. We just won’t be expecting this one to turn into real news any time soon.

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