Kirsten Dunst Finds Cities

Orlando Bloom also aboard

Kirsten Dunst Finds Cities

by James White |
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Back in May, Roger Donaldson announced that he’d snagged Clive Owen and Anil Kapoor to star in his latest tale of financial misdeeds, Cities. Now he’s adding Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst to the cast.

Cities is set in three locales. New York, where hedge fund manager Owen seemingly enjoys his perfect life of money, power and sex, and yet finds himself wanting more. London, where a young couple are struggling to come up with a deposit for their first home and get their feet on the property ladder. And finally, Mumbai, where a police officer battles crime and property fraud, pitting himself against a corrupt colleague named Seth (Kapoor).

Bloom and Dunst – who played a couple finding love in Elizabethtown – are on as the London youngsters trying to afford a home. The script, written by Glenn Wilhilde, will find the three stories intertwining as the fortunes of the characters collide.

Donaldson is cranking the cameras right now, and the movie should be out next year.

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