Kiefer Sutherland Signs For Mirrors

Bauer through the looking glass for Aja

Kiefer Sutherland Signs For Mirrors

by Willow Green |
Published on

There really is no stopping Jack Bauer. Even when his series is on hiatus for the summer break, does he head for Hawaii? Nope. Catch up on his ironing? No chance. Instead, he goes off to investigate supernatural happenings in department store mirrors. Er, huh?

Well, his alter-ego Kiefer Sutherland does anyway. During the 24 break this summer, he'll be shooting supernatural thriller Mirrors for horror director Alexandre Aja (Switchblade Romance, The Hills Have Eyes), who has also written the latest draft of the script. Sutherland will star as a mall security guard and ex-cop who discovers something awry in the mirrors of that creepiest of places - a department store. He (unwisely, we're thinking) tries to discover the source of the evil. We're guessing it's not simply that bad lighting and a slight curve make you look fat, because that would be evil indeed but not terribly supernatural.

Sutherland was originally planning to shoot the 24 movie this summer, but that's now going to follow Season Seven of the show next year because the script apparently isn't ready yet (and good news, 24 fans - he's also signed on to produce and star at least as far as an eighth season). As it is, the hardworking star will finish 24 in April, start shooting on Mirrors in Romania on May 1, finish in mid-July and be back on 24 by the end of July.

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