Kevin Tancharoen Arms The Guns Of Christmas Past

Dickens goes deadly

Kevin Tancharoen Arms The Guns Of Christmas Past

by James White |
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He debuted with dance in the likes of** You Got Served** and the Fame remake, but Kevin Tancharoen moved to more violent subject matters with the Mortal Kombat digital series. It appears he’s still in a deadly mood, because he’s signed to direct a bullet-filled version of A Christmas Carol called **The Guns Of Christmas Past.

Andrew Hilton’s script is loosely inspired by Charles Dickens’ spook-some festive morality classic, but it flies off in very different directions. The plot finds a retired hit man – who, if you know anything about retired hit men in cinema, is not in for an easy time of it – returns home to Chicago on Christmas Eve to celebrate with family. No, wait… He’s there to avenge the death of a friend. Told you it wouldn’t go well.

As part of his vengeful quest, he has to fight his way through three mysterious adversaries from his past, present and future and, in Christmas Carol style, ends up learning something about himself. Though of course, Scrooge never put a bullet in anyone, even if he did wish a vast number of people dead.

There’s no word on a start date for this yet, but it has the backing of Hurt Locker company Voltage Pictures. Please give us your tagline suggestions below. We're thinking that "Old Marley was dead as a doornail" will work as is, but "Bah. Humbug" is going to need sexing up a bit.

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