Kevin Smith Plans Clerks III As Swansong

Hit Somebody's moving to TV

Clerks 2

by James White |
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For a long time now, Kevin Smith has been saying that hockey movie **Hit Somebody **will be his final film, as he shifts his focus to his ever-expanding Smodcast empire and his TV ambitions. But things have changed recently, and now it appears Hit Somebody will instead be a TV miniseries and Smith will make Clerks III his cine-swansong.

"Since **Hit Somebody **is now gonna be a mini-series," Smith wrote on Twitter,"that leaves room for a new final flick before I retire from directing feature films." And it seems somehow fitting that the last hurrah for Big screen Smith will be where it all began. Or, as Kevin puts it, “I'm goin' out like I came in: devoid of talent AND color! ‪#FullCircle son!”

It’s just the latest evolution for Hit Somebody, which Smith has been planning for years now. Originally it was to be two movies, which, due to financing, then shifted to be one. Given the size of the story, TV feels like a good fit, provided it shows up on a channel that will let the writer/director go in full sweary flow. Smith has confirmed that the series has a home, but he's waiting for the network to make the announcement.

And– assuming he can get the whole cast back on board – Clerks III won’t be the latest Smith film, oh no. He’s also bringing out a Jay And Silent Bob cartoon movie. Check out the poster below.

To hear the latest on Hit Somebody, check out a recent edition of Smith’s Jay & Silent Bob Get Old podcast.

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