Kevin Costner Chose Not To Make His Horizon Movies A Streaming Show: ‘I Believe In The Big Screen’

Horizon: An American Saga

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For decades, Kevin Costner was an icon of the big screen – leading seismic cinematic feats like The Untouchables, Dances With Wolves, JFK, and Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. More recently, though, he became a leading force in the 21st century small-screen landscape as the figurehead of the Yellowstone empire. But make no mistake: his allegiance is to cinema. And he’s quite literally putting his money where his mouth is, conjuring up a multi-part Western epic on the big screen. Get ready for Horizon: An American Saga, whose first two three-hour chapters hit the big screen this summer, soon to be followed by more instalments, and for which Costner contributed roughly $58 million of his own cash.

It is an absolutely gigantic gambit. But for Costner, going all-in on the power of cinema was part of the point – hence why he turned down the idea to make Horizon a streaming series. “I had somebody who said, ‘Look, please don’t do this, Kevin, let’s do this’,” he tells Empire in a major new interview. “But I’m glad about what I’m doing. I believe in the big screen. I believe in that experience. I also believe in what will come to your television. You know, I’m not one of those guys that has a director’s cut. The fucking movie I make is the director’s cut.”

Costner clearly believes in his vision – Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 come to UK cinemas in June and August, respectively, with Chapter 3 already shooting and Chapter 4 in development. It’s a plan that required serious chutzpah – but Costner is playing the long game. “I’m not a fool, but I’m not afraid,” he says. “I will own this movie the rest of my life. So will my family. And movies are a lot more than their opening weekend. They have value throughout their life, and I will own this movie throughout my life. And people will find it. And when they do, whether it’s opening weekend or not, they’re going to find a quality. They’re going to find a story that they’re going to want to revisit or share with someone. And that’s the power of a movie to me.”

If all goes to plan, Costner will not only make his cinematic vision come to life – but make his investment back too. “My hope is that I get this money back, but you know what, I’m not going to fall apart if it [doesn’t happen],” he says. “I’ll lose some things that I had valued, but they’re just things I’ve kept. I should add, I don’t want to have to ever do this again. But I don’t live my life in fear.” Giddy up for an American epic powered by unparalleled self-belief.

Empire July 2024 – Beetlejuice Beetlejuice cover

Read Empire’s full Horizon: An American Saga interview with Kevin Costner – talking the films’ inception, creation, and ambitious release plan – in the Beetlejuice Beetlejuice issue, on sale Thursday 6 June. Chapter 1 hits UK cinemas on 28 June, with Chapter 2 arriving on 16 August.

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