Kellan Lutz Prepares For Extraction

He's joined Bruce Willis's new thriller


by James White |
Published on

The cameras are already cranking for Bruce Willis’ latest thriller, Extraction, which finds him as a man on the run from a homicidal dentist with a tooth removal fetis... Ah, apparently that’s all in our heads. It’s a much more straightforward film, and Kellan Lutz is now aboard to play Willis’s son.

Steven C. Miller is directing this one, which finds Willis as a retired Secret Service agent who is kidnapped by some nasty terrorist types. So his son, Henry Cavill Lutz’s Harry Turner, disobeys his CIA bosses and goes hunting for him. Which, somewhat naturally, triggers a manhunt for Harry, with Gina Carano’s field operative dispatched to track him down and bring him back. And here we thought they’d have sympathy with this plight?

Dan Bilzerian, Lydia Hull and Tyler Olson are aboard this one, which features a script by Umair Aleem and Max Adams. It does have something of the feel of The Cold Light Of Day about it (Willis kidnapped, son fighting to save him), but hopefully it’ll have more of a spin, especially if it offers Carano a chance to kick butt a lot.

Lutz, last seen in The Expendables 3, has worked on biopic Experimenter, which sees Peter Sarsgaard starring as real-life social psychologist Stanley Milgram, and premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. As for Carano, she’s headed for Vancouver next month to start work on Deadpool.

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