Keaton & Monaghan Land A Penthouse North

Joseph Ruben is directing the thriller

Keaton & Monaghan Land A Penthouse North

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

It's been scientifically proven that 87% of movies would be better with Michael Keaton in them, so rejoice and be glad that he's been cast, along with Michelle Monaghan, in Penthouse North. Joseph Ruben is set to direct the thriller, which kicks off filming in November.

The story sees Monaghan play a photo-journalist who has retreated from the world following a tragedy and refuses to leave her apartment. So far, so good - until a sadistic criminal (Keaton) breaks in in search of the fortune he believes is hidden there.

It all sounds a bit Copycat to us, since that film also starred an agoraphobic lead (Sigourney Weaver) who was being targetted by a sadist (Harry Connick Jr there). Still, we're sure that Ruben, who's a dab hand with a thriller thanks to experience on the likes of Sleeping With The Enemy and The Good Son, will find a way to make this stand out.

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