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World Exclusive: First chance to hear Kate Winslet's Christmas song

by empire |
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Watch out Westlife and Sir Cliff - you have another contender for the Christmas No. 1 crown. Kate Winslet has recorded a song for her next movie - the life action/animation version of A Christmas Carol and Empire Online is the first to bring you a world exclusive with this sound clip. Given the recent personal events in Winslet's life, What If's lyrics are particularly poignant as our clip reveals. And following on from Moulin Rouge's revelation that both Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman can really sing - Winslet in turn proves she has a fine set of pipes on her. If you don't have a sound file on your computer, our excerpt goes as follows: What if I had never let you go? Would you be the man I used to know? If I'd stayed, if you'd tried, if we could only turn that tide, But I guess we'll never know. The song comes during a point in the film when the hospice run by Belle (Winslet) has had all its equipment removed by Scrooge's bailiffs and she reminisces about the love they once had for each other.

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