Kaitlyn Dever Has A Close Encounter In The No One Will Save You Trailer

No One Will Save You

by James White |
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When last we saw Kaitlyn Dever in a Disney+ (Hulu across the pond) film, she was getting romantically entangled in the story of Romeo & Juliet for comedy Rosaline. She probably wishes that was her biggest problem now she's facing off against threatening extraterrestrials in new horror thriller No One Will Save You, due later this month. Check out the trailer:

Writer/director Brian Duffield, who last made Spontaneous here goes full Close Encounters for the story of lonely young woman Brynn, who normally spends most of her time shut in at home.

But she's forced to draw on her considerable reserves of courage and adaptability when aliens invade – home invasion meets nasty space creatures – and Brynn must fight back.

"I think there's a deeply buried feeling that every alien invasion movie could turn out to be true because they remain such an unknown in our daily lives," Duffield says in a statement. "As our world careens more and more out of control, maybe there's even a desire that there's something out there smarter than us that can help put us on a more sane path. The aliens in No One Will Save You are superior to humans in every way, which makes Brynn and her surprising resistance somewhat puzzling to them."

No One Will Save You will be on Disney+/Hulu on 22 September. Look to the skies!

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