Justice League Actors Tweet Support For The Snyder Cut Campaign

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by James White |
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Almost as soon as Justice League arrived in cinemas back in 2017 to mixed reviews and decent but hardly stellar box office figures, there has been a viral fan campaign for Warner Bros. to release the cut of the film that original director Zack Snyder intended. And on Sunday, it appeared that Wonder Woman herself – at least the DC universe version, in the shape of Gal Gadot – is in support of it.

Justice League, of course, was infamously begun by Snyder, but he stepped away during post-production after the tragic death of his daughter. Joss Whedon was drafted in to take over, with the Avengers Assemble writer/director writing some new scenes and directing additional material to produce his own version, which is the one that arrived in cinemas. A petition was launched around the time of the release demanding that fans see Snyder's vision, and there have been mentions of it by creatives since then. And though it seems unlikely to ever see the light of day, Gadot's post is certainly significant, since it's the first time one of the core cast has made a statement about it.

Update: or at least, she was...

Now, Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher have also shared social media messages with the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag – and they've been shared by Zack Snyder himself. Something is definitely afoot...

Gadot will be back as Diana Prince for Wonder Woman 1984, due out on 5 June next year.

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