Has Justice Found Its Wonder?

As in 'League' and 'Woman'

Has Justice Found Its Wonder?

by Tom Ambrose |
Published on

With George Miller having ploughed through a marathon casting session of the hottest young talent in Hollywood (and Adam Brody) last week, it won’t be too long before the cast of his Justice League Of America superhero mash-up movie is officially announced.

But that hasn’t stopped strong speculation about who might be playing the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter from leaking out.

The other day, the net was abuzz with a rumour that British actor Rupert Evans – last seen as John Myers in Hellboy – might be playing a 5’ 10” Superman, thanks to Miller’s rather baffling desire not to use Brandon Routh as Superman, or Christian Bale as Batman. That’s since been denied by Evans' own agents, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was confirmed over the next week or so.

And now today, Moviehole is reporting that Miller may have found his Wonder Woman – or should we say Wonder Girl.

For, in keeping with Miller’s desire to cast each of his heroes young, the prospective Wonder Woman is a mere 21 years of age. Her name? Teresa Palmer.

You may have seen her in The Grudge 2 or more recently as Daniel Radcliffe’s love interest in his first non-Harry Potter film, December Boys. Otherwise, though, the Australian actress has had a low-key career so far.

But Moviehole is saying that her audition for Wonder Woman – aka Princess Diana (no, not that one), a virtually invulnerable Amazonian warrior – blew Miller and Warner Bros. away, and just edged out Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the part.

We’re waiting for official confirmation on this one, but it looks like Miller may be bringing his Justice League – or is that Teen Titans? – together at last.

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