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McG abandons Man Of Steel project

by Willow Green |
Published on

We've tried to keep the Superman news stories to a minimum, but rumours about the long-mooted return of the Man Of Steel have been emerging on a near-daily basis over the past few months. If we were to believe all we heard, directors have come and gone weekly and no fewer than sixty-seven young actors, plus one actress, one infant and a slightly confused hedgehog, have been cast as Kal-El. Well, finally there is some official news from Warner Bros, and the news is sure to cause an international champagne shortage as comic book geeks celebrate the departure of their least favourite director. The oddly monikered director McG of Charlie's Angels infamy has withdrawn from the project, following in the footsteps of the marginally better Brett Ratner who left last year. McG reportedly could not agree with the studio over budgetary and location costs (and little things like Warner Bros wanting to make a good movie). Warner Bros have been preparing to shoot in their studios near Sydney, but McG was determined to shoot in New York. "When I flew to New York to scout," McG said in a statement, "it was clear to me that this was Metropolis. As a filmmaker, I felt it was inappropriate to try to capture the heart of America on another continent." While no doubt laudable sentiments, shooting on location in the Big Apple would add tens of millions of dollars to a budget that is already rumoured to be well north of $200 million, and the issue caused a parting of the ways between studio and director. So where does this leave the big blue Boy Scout? Well, it's all a bit up in the air

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