Jurassic Park 4 Set for 2014

Steven Spielberg still on to produce

Jurassic Park

by James White |
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We wondered why those tremors were pulsing through the cup of water we keep balanced on the edge of the dash in the Empire news jeep: it’s because Universal has announced that Jurassic Park 4 will be released next year!

The latest rumours about the new dino-venture began before Comic-Con 2011, and franchise originator/godfather Steven Spielberg took time out from promoting Tintin to say that he had been working on ideas with a writer he wouldn’t name – though reports had pointed to Mark Protosevich.

Then last June, it was revealed that Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes** writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were working on cranking out a script.

As for who is directing it? No one has said yet. Spielberg’s schedule seems opened up thanks to his recent decision to delay work on Robopocalypse, but A) he’s said several times that he’s getting someone else to work up the new Jurassic film, much as he did with Joe Johnston on numero three and B) he’s also said he thinks Robopocalypse will only be delayed for a few months while he makes the script and budget work. Plus it’s not like he has a history of making two massive movies nearly back to back. You know, except that time he finished Jurassic Park while shooting Schindler’s List. STILL: don’t expect him to be more than a producer this time around.

Plot-wise, the film is still a mystery (although we're pretty sure that genetically-engineered dinosaurs will be involved, and will eat people), but at least we have a date. The original Jurassic Park roars back onto UK screens with a 3D make-over on August 30 this year, and Universal wants the new one shot in 3D and in US cinemas June 13, 2014 (with a UK release no doubt either day & date or close). Hold on to your butts!

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