Jupiter Ascending Delayed To 2015

The effects need more time...

Jupiter Ascending Delayed To 2015

by James White |
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Despite the promotional campaign, which is already in full swing, and a planned July release date, the Wachowskis’ ambitious new sci-fi adventure Jupiter Ascending will not be descending on our screens in 2014 at all. Warner Bros. has pushed it back to February 2015{ =nofollow}.

From the sounds of it, the Wachowskis’ ambitions were a little too stellar for the effects teams, as The Hollywood Reporter and other sources have heard that the visuals need more work and thus the movie will be shunted back on the schedule, knocking Liam Neeson’s Run All Night from its planned position.

**Jupiter Ascending **finds Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones, a cleaner who learns that she’s actually a galactic princess and who is plunged into a struggle for control of the Earth. She has a little help from a genetically modified, wolf-eared Channing Tatum who comes to her rescue when the forces allied against her try to ensure she never ascends to her throne.

This move will naturally spark rumours of trouble with the final product, and the new February date, while no longer quite the dumping ground it once was, is also not usually where studios place their pricey wannabe blockbusters. Still, Jupite****r’s story remains to be told, and we’ll have the chance to see what really happened when it arrives on February 6 next year. Given the effects we've glimpsed so far, it's entirely possible that the sheer scale of the story requires a bit more work time.

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