Julie Delpy Shoots Skylab

And prepares for Two Days in New York

Julie Delpy Shoots Skylab

by Owen Williams |
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All Julie Delpy news is good news (even that time when it was about An American Werewolf in Paris), so today is a banner day, with the revelation that not only did the star of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset start shooting Skylab a couple of weeks ago, but also that a sequel to Two Days in Paris is in the works.

Skylab, it says here{ =nofollow}, is a comedy encompassing three generations of a family. It's shooting in Brittany for the next couple of months, co-stars Eric Elmonsino (Gainsbourg), Noemie Lvovsky (A Simple Heart), Aure Atika (The Beat that My Heart Skipped) and Bernadette Laffont (Broken English), and is, according to producer Michael Gentile, "a really tender, funny, feel-good movie."

The Skylab of the title refers to the NASA space station that made an unplanned return to terra firma in 1979. We're not sure of the connection there, but Gentile calls the film "Julie's vision of France through the eyes of a French woman who has lived in the US for many years." Maybe it's a metaphor about crashing back down to Earth?

There's no information yet about the Two Days in Paris sequel, except that it's called Two Days in New York. Not much of a stretch then, to infer that this might well be the reverse of the original, with Delpy visiting Adam Goldberg's folks in the Big Apple. Expect much in the way of Linklater-influenced slacker-chic and improvised dialogue. Expect it to be great.

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