The Joy Of Jackie

Everybody should get to work with Jackie Chan

by empire |
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We're often hearing stories of tantrums and tears from the set of Hollywood movies, if Val Kilmer's not starting fist-fights with his director, then there's another a-list prima donna throwing their toys out of the pram. However, it would seem that the secret to an easy, ego-free shoot is actually quite simple - hire Jackie Chan. According to British actor Jason Isaacs, working with Chan is a blissful experience, something he discovered on the set of their latest project The Tuxedo. " He's so generous in every way. He's the only super star I've met where the closer you get to him, the more like a superstar he seems." If Isaacs is anything to go by, Chan may well be the most grounded, courteous and downright lovely guy in all of Hollywood."He's got a grin from East to West coast, he never goes back to his trailer, he says 'in Hong Kong we don't have trailers, you know, no time.' I'd love to do one of his Hong Kong films, I can't imagine how dangerous it is. He's always saying 'yeah, in Hong Kong we don't use wires, we don't have nets. I jump off building and land on train, go in helicopter.' You go, 'wow, I'd really like to see that

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