Jovovich Finds Faces In The Crowd

Milla fends off a serial killer

Jovovich Finds Faces In The Crowd

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Milla Jovovich, last seen being stalked by a Hawaiian killer in The Perfect Getaway and currently being stalked by zombies in Resident Evil: Afterlife, is all set to be stalked by another killer in Faces In The Crowd, a serial killer drama with a rather nifty twist.

The catch this time is that Jovovich's character is attacked by a killer who's interrupted before he can finish the whole death-dealing bit, and left with a brain injury that leaves her unable to properly recognise and remember faces. That's based on a real condition called prosopagnosia (although we still don't recommend going into the film looking for accurate medical detail), and proves a real handicap for her character given that the killer still wants to eliminate her as a witness. Can she tell friend from foe in time? Will the killer's evil plan succeed? Would it help if all her friends wore false moustaches? Only time will tell.

Julien Magnat, the French director of Bloody Mallory, is making his English-language debut with the film, which he also wrote. Sylvain White, a fellow Francophone director, is producing alongside Where The Wild Things Are's Scott Mednick (among others). Shooting's due to start in March, so look out for this sometime next year.

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