Josh Hartnett Is A Gunslinger

Near-future wild west for Slevin

Josh Hartnett Is A Gunslinger

by Owen Williams |
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Josh Hartnett has signed on to play the titular Gunslinger in a post-apocalyptic western directed by Chris Nahon, according to Variety.

Nahon directed the live-action anime action horror Blood: The Last Vampire, which does not, in itself, necessarily make this a juicy prospect. The plot synopsis isn't particularly enticing either: it's pretty standard revenge fare about two brothers out to get the gang that killed their parents.

But we love a Western, and we're always pleased to see Hartnett, so there might be something here. Producer Mark Williams would certainly like us to think there is. We're told that the film will take place in a "snowy wasteland", which is promising, since westerns in the snow generally rock: see Pale Rider and The Great Silence for evidence. He also describes it as "a unique and startling look at what might happen when the lawlessness of the old west returns... but with better weapons."

See, he had us there until "better weapons". There's no better western weapon than the Colt .45 or the Winchester rifle. There's no better sight than Clint cocking the hammer on a six-shooter. Better weapons indeed. Chuh.

Sci-fi weapons in a western gives you Bravestarr (Strength of a bear! Speed of a puma! Size of a cow!). We're assuming that Hartnett's character won't be a marshal whose deputy is a transforming horse, but we'll likely find out next year. Shooting starts in Canada in the spring.

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