Joseph Gordon-Levitt Accepts Inception

Joining DiCaprio in Nolan sci-fi

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Accepts Inception

by Emily Phillips |
Published on

**Brick **star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will join Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard for Christopher Nolan's contemporary sci-fi action-thriller Inception.

The character, originally due to be played by James Franco who dropped out due to scheduling issues, is an associate of DiCaprio's CEO, although little else is known about the film written by Nolan, apart from that it is set within "the architecture of the mind."

The Third Rock From The Sun actor has a busy 2009 with Sundance-storming rom-com 500 Days of Summer due soon, and his bad-guy Cobra Commander role in blockbuster G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opening in early August.

Other members of the starry cast include Cotillard, who will play DiCaprio's wife, **Juno **progeny Ellen Page who will be his grad student sidekick, as well as Batman Begins' Cillian Murphy.

Inception begins shooting this summer, and is scheduled for a 2010 release.

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