Jordan Peele’s Nope Shares First Images Ahead Of Trailer


by Ben Travis |
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Even after just two directorial efforts, a new film from Jordan Peele is an outright event movie. With Get Out and Us, the multi-talented actor-writer-director made a real pivot to horror territory – offering up visually-astute, thematically-complex explorations of identity, race, class and more all wrapped up in pulse-pounding popcorn viewing. With Oscar wins and significant box office receipts under his belt, hopes are high for his upcoming third feature, simply titled Nope – and with a trailer on the horizon, we now have a very first look at what Peele has got in store this time.

To be clear, we still know next-to-nothing – but a very initial Nope teaser gives us glimpses of its three central stars all staring at the sky in terror, and they’re worth a look alone. Above, you’ll see Steven Yeun in a cowboy hat (did someone say ‘break the internet’?) looking deeply concerned at whatever’s up there. Plus we have Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya looking pretty unsettled by… well, something.


And finally, there’s also Keke Palmer looking up in horror at whatever sky-bound spookiness is going on here.


For now, that’s it – these images come from a 30-second teaser largely consisting of footage from Get Out and Us, but we’re assured that a more substantial Nope teaser will be arriving this Sunday at the Super Bowl. Strap the hell in, everyone.

Our only other clue for what the hell is going on here is theNopeteaser poster which arrived last year – an ominous shot of a weird cloud hovering over a town with a string of bunting emerging from the lower half, a release date of 22 July, and a promise of “a new terror” from the filmmaker. Something is definitely wrong up there. We’ll know more down the line – so for now, let’s just all enjoy Steven Yeun in that cowboy hat.

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